Why do we need to continue learning even after we finish a certain course? Well, that is because information is quick to develop and any improvements or changes in our society will greatly affect our course of living. That is why if you are comfortably enjoying your situation right now and not trying to gain new insights then you might begin to worry, because sooner or later you will be left out.

Meanwhile, during the COVID-19 pandemic many organisations were exposed to the hardships of having a complacent workforce. They did not pay attention to improving the skills of their employees. Hence, it left many companies in a difficult situation trying to adapt to this pandemic. 

According to Collins Dictionary, Upskill is to improve the aptitude for work of (a person) by additional training. With that definition, what does it tell us? If you are an employer, why would you consider to upskill your team? 

Here are some important points why there is a need to upskill your organisation:

1. Attract top talent – employees today want a job that offers room for development thus, providing upskilling programs will help your business to attract top talents in the labour force. It is essential nowadays to give your employees an opportunity to learn and develop even if they are working for your company. This will not only benefit them but your business too as you are advancing your services through expanding existing skill sets.

2. Improve employee retention – we have said earlier that employees want an organisation that will make them grow as they stay. Hence, upskilling will also make your employees stay with you and help you achieve your mission and vision.

3. Leverage new technologies – of course, we cannot deny that today we are highly dependent on the use of science and technology, which is why it is also vital that you upskill your employees so you can adapt such technology to your workplace. This can better support your organisation to adapt to the changes in our society without risking the quality of service rendered to your target stakeholders.

4. What would happen if you DO NOT upskill your work force?  Your staff go stale, they do not learn, they keep doing what they have always done and your business does not grow.