Technology has changed the way business is conducted. A worldwide village has emerged with the aid of the internet. An online platform allows you to reach a wider range of customers than a traditional local business, and your product or service is available to anybody in the country. According to Adrian Walkling, the head of financial services at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, technology is essential to increasing long-term productivity in the sector, competitiveness, and creating high-value jobs. They found that business leaders are dedicated to enhancing the role technology plays in sustaining the UK’s status as a financial services powerhouse. We ask, why are banks heavily investing in technology? With London especially at the cutting edge of technology,  as the next generation of fintech leaders in the UK and a worldwide leader in stimulating innovation in financial services. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, investments in technological solutions throughout financial institutions are now more vital than ever.

Investing in technology enables banks to offer faster and cheaper services while becoming an increasingly more vital part of their clients’ daily life. Besides making purchases every day, customers use their mobile phones to check their bank account balances and to transfer money. Leading financial institutions in the sector are listening to their consumers’ requests for mobile apps. Moreover, banking and financial institutions that use blockchain technology in their operations to save a lot of money on their expenditures. Banks would be wise to invest in this technology. A bank’s payment, remittances, and traceability procedures can be improved by leveraging blockchain technology. 

The rise of FinTech and RegTech firms have created new opportunities for the finance sector, shaking up old thinking and totally changing financial services as we know it. Little things matter in today’s world. Consumers have a plethora of alternatives and every business has been optimised. Due to the fact that the world is starting to invest in technology, the finance sector will have an advantage over their competitors as they incorporate technology in their services and meet the demands of their stakeholders.