The COVID-19 pandemic is a worldwide disaster unlike any other. To prevent the transmission of the virus, many countries have imposed restrictions on travel, public transport and movements around the country. Numerous cities have implemented complete or partial lockdowns. Still, lockdowns and other severe limitations, on the other hand, cannot be maintained forever in the hopes of finding a viable COVID-19 vaccine or cure. However, there are still plenty of reasons to be concerned. The government is still months away from fully vaccinating all adult citizens. While the majority of Covid restrictions were lifted in Wales on August 7, wearing a face mask is still required in several public places, including buses and trains, unless you are permitted. This is more stringent than in England, where face-mask restrictions were repealed on July 19th and the UK government only recommends individuals wear masks in crowded places.

As the world tries so hard to achieve herd-immunity’ so we can all go back to normal, do we really expect that things would be the same as before? What will happen when restrictions are lifted for good? 

Surely, the economy can begin to regain its confidence. We have seen how lockdowns affected business operations and if restrictions are lifted, more people can also have more opportunity to go back to work. Although England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales were among the countries slowly easing restrictions when it comes to COVID-19 protocols, the fear is still there especially that the Delta variant is more contagious and harms other countries around the world. 

However, if we imagine when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted for good, this will be beneficial for every individual regardless of age and social status too as they would be allowed to move as they wish without the fear of getting hospitalised due to COVID-19. One thing is for sure; when restrictions are lifted for good, people would still be cautious or maybe anxious, to see if there is another pandemic lurking around the corner to begin any day soon.