For people in charge of small enterprises, procrastination is a major issue. Anybody puts things off now and again, but procrastinators postpone unpleasant activities on a regular basis. They put off things at home, at work, and in their relationships, which has an adverse effect on the quality of their job and general well-being. However, the most subtle manifestations of our procrastination emerge in ways that we are unaware of. We justify the delay by blaming the circumstances and convincing oneself that it is our reality. It’s like putting on sunglasses and believing that the entire world has dimmed.

The causes why individuals procrastinate are not completely understood. Procrastination, like many negative behaviours involving a lack of self-control, including overeating, gambling, or overspending, has been considered by some researchers as primarily a failure of self-regulation. 

When procrastinators run out of ways to procrastinate, it’s one of the most aggravating dilemmas they encounter. If you have nothing else to do, how are you expected to defend not performing at your work? What activities do people do these days to procrastinate longer? 

  1. Cleaning – doing household chores may be a reasonable thing to do to postpone other pending work but this is some of the many ways procrastination exists! You believe that your house for example is dirty hence, needs to be cleaned so can justify prolonging your pending works. 
  1. One more episode- have you ever spoken to yourself saying ‘one more episode’ and then you will go back to finish your task? Well, that is another way to procrastinate. Because there are always new movies to see, this excuse never gets old.
  1. The perfectionist – Procrastination might be a symptom of a hidden dread of failure.If you’re a stickler for tiny details, the pressure of having everything “exactly perfect” could be too much for you to bear, and you’ll put off finishing the work.
  2. Online Gaming – there have been so many games introduced during the pandemic and gamers now are older than before. There are more gamers in their 40’s and 50’s playing games when really, they should be working and providing for their families

What do you do to Procrastinate?

I am sure that if you think about it, there is something there!