Working from home could be very challenging in certain industrial sectors. Just about 10% of people in the transportation and storage industry, and also the housing and food services sector, report never being able to work from home. Meanwhile, according to LinkedIn’s list of jobs on the rise for 2021, the growing sectors in the United Kingdom are eCommerce, medical care, and digital content freelance work. As healthcare providers are overloaded by the virus, such areas of growth reflect patterns that have dominated since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.  There is a clear need and growth in the need for personnel in supporting positions to doctors and nurses.

What are the growth sectors in working from home positions?

Therapy sessions have advanced from a quiet space in an office building to the warmth of, well, just about anywhere, thanks to technological advancements. As a result, more companies in the health and wellness sectors, and also philanthropy, education, and pharmaceuticals, are increasingly growing, involving remote language pathologists, marriage therapists, and counselors.

Personnel who work in e-commerce like operators, supply chain associates, supply chain assistants, warehouse team leaders, and online specialists are the most common employment in this sector which requires skills in order fulfillment, retail, order picking, warehouse activities, and skilled driving.  Driving and couriering jobs are among the top jobs in this growing sector.

Digital content creators working for many media firms that are investing in new technology and a workforce that helps them to thrive in this booming market, where customers expect fresh, high-quality content that is both available and intimate. According to ScreenSkills’ April 2020 Freelance Analysis, freelancers account for about a third of those working in the screen industry, illustrating the ability to keep your basic media expertise up to date.

The coronavirus pandemic has drawn attention to the benefits of flexible working for British workers. As per a YouGov poll, nearly two-thirds of British employees had never worked from home before the outbreak.