As these uncertain times persist, consumers are desperately seeking people who they can communicate with, relate to, and to focus their minds – which is why micro-influencers are gaining in prominence all around various industries.

Influencer marketing in 2020 would resemble nothing as it did a year before the COVID-19 surge. A mask and hand sanitizer are now included with complete-the-look photographs. Though shoppers’ foot traffic has come to an unimaginable halt, ecommerce has thrived, and influencers have proved to be critical in sustaining and growing group involvement.

Due to travel constraints, artists are unable to visit the picturesque locations that they might commonly use as a backdrop. Delectable brunch bundles are being replaced by takeout packets. Although people are dealing with unemployment, furloughs, and wage cuts, highlighting excessive spending is no longer appropriate. 

Yet, people continue to get product recommendations from the influencers they track on social media. They are, though, looking for more relatable and down-to-earth entertainment that appeals to their specifications. Brands must now reinvent and produce differentiated content in order to stay relevant with consumers.

Thus, there are many ways organisations leverage influencers even during the lockdown. Among the many ways these influencers can evoke relationships with the people, Social media stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  

According to the BBC, audiences are more responsive to marketers and influencers that demonstrate sensitivity and credibility as a consequence of the pandemic. Aside from that, as per study, engagement with influencers has increased 2.5 times since the government mandated lockdown, showing that influencer marketing is just as powerful as before, if not even more.

Influencers might have to “pivot” to remain relevant mostly during COVID-19 pandemic, but with many more eyes on screens than ever before, even though quarantine restrictions are strictly imposed and lockdown are keenly observed; clever influencers are able to make good income during this tough time. 

After all, even with scarce resources, influencers and brands have developed innovative ways to implement unique content strategies through several platforms.