How can you stay updated from home? Are you feeling left-out and have started lagging behind your team even if you are working hard enough? 

Do not worry, there are many reasons why you feel like that. It is very common and it is not because you are slacking off. Being a work-from-home employee means you are totally in control on how and when you want to make progress. You manage your own schedule. The best things about working remotely are often the worst things about it as well. You may be happy and able to focus at times but it can also get lonely and distractions are still inevitable especially if you have family or household obligations. 

Going back, even if you are an employee who commutes to work everyday or an employee who needs to be virtually present, the chances of not being updated about the information you need to know is present. The good news is, we can share a few ways to help you stay updated if you are a work-from-home employee. 

In the tips given, remember that it does not matter if you are a beginner to working from home, a remote work veteran, or managing a remote team, because this will give you the knowledge you may need to start being more informed. 

How to stay updated? You should learn and start to communicate! 

  • Communicate every time so you are heard.
  • Communicate when you have doubts, do not try to guess what you think you should do. You have a manager or a boss to lead you.
  • Communicate your schedule so your team knows when you might be unavailable so they are informed about your circumstances or if there are adjustments needed.
  • Communicate clearly and respectfully, there is nothing better than being direct but humble. 

A hungry (loud) mouth gets fed.

Imagine you are a bird in a nest.  The one that shouts, gets the attention of their mother, who gives them food.

The one that remains quiet, and does not push to the front of the queue, goes hungry.

Going hungry for information, for the human touch, for the interactions that you might be missing from your team mates and colleagues is the same as going hungry for food.  It is draining, tiring, and upsetting. It is a distraction that can be avoided.  

Tell people what you are doing, and what you are not doing, and what you need from them to do what you are doing better – so you can be better.