We all know that going to the same place for work over and over again is exhausting and can drain creativity. Even freelancers and remote workers also experience this kind of personal dilemma. In the United Kingdom, the city of London does not need introduction when it comes to freelancing and startups. In statistics cited by Simply Business, London has an average of 541,310 start-ups in the city and more than 6000 freelancers advertising online. This number is expected to grow in the coming years and the demand for coworking spaces is also steadily growing, specifically in 2007 when coworking spaces boomed, then in 2014, an extra 132 coworking areas popped up, and in 2017 there are at least 156 extra coworking spaces. 

Over the years we have witnessed a significant change in work culture. Offices are leaning towards comfort and giving a home vibe setting for employees while businesses (SME) are seeking more flexible and sociable working environments. In a report by Office Freedom, London is leading this trend. 

Interested to go coworking? Here are the top coworking spaces in London

  1. WeWork For companies of all sizes, WeWork provides the global scale and flexibility to help your business adapt to uncertainty in 8 Devonshire Square Office. In addition to that, it is only a few minutes away from Liverpool Street station where employees can access abundant scrumptious street-food to fuel their hunger and keep them happy and motivated. 
  1. Mindspace– From open space desks to private offices, we have the workplace that perfectly suits the unique needs of your team, of any size. They have 3 coworking  locations in London: [1] above Aldgate East tube station, [2] Shoreditch, 9 Appold St., and [3] Hammersmith Metro Bldg., 1 Butterwick, Hammersmith. 
  1. Second Home- If you are looking for a child friendly environment then this coworking space is the ideal one for you because they have an on-site nursery room. Your own private office with flexible access. Their Flex membership plan includes the ability to pay only for the team you have in the office each day, and easy access to add or remove the number of people you need for your team.