Having a hard time constructing a new but creative strategy on how you can effectively conduct an online employee training session? We feel you. 

This whole virtual office thing is exhausting since the imposition of lockdown and work-from-home set up to reduce the risk of employees being infected with the 2019 Coronavirus. Even if we are facing a crisis, we do not have an option to stop working and if you are a team leader who wants to motivate your members amid the difficulties then here are some tools for online employee training that may help you achieve your objectives.

Is it really necessary? Why does your organisation train its employees? 

Well, employee training is done for practical reasons. To help the organisation update to industry standards, onboard new hires, demonstrate how to use the system or whatever it is that you need new members of your organisation to know for your business. No matter the reason you have, it is critical to train employees of your organisation so you can have a good professional relationship with them. The most important reason why employee training is essential is that it helps improve productivity and performance which are the prime motivators to produce quality service and outputs for your external stakeholders. 

Here are some tools for online employee training you can utilise to your own benefit:

  1. Video training –  you can create entertaining and engaging video contents for training. By attracting the auditory and visual senses, your audiences can surely listen and comprehend what you want to convey using a video.
  1. LMS software – in fact, there are many platforms that provide organizing and combining all of your content into a sleek, intuitive learning path. It works as a virtual space where your team can navigate to learn, collaborate, and test their knowledge. 
  1. Microlearning – Microlearning involves creating really short pieces of content that take learners no longer than three minutes to complete.