Everyone has talents. These talents could be entertaining, or professional, personal or shared within the public eye. Everyone has something to offer and everyone has a talent. The innate ability that comes out effortlessly no matter how long a person tries to stay away from the spotlight. Any company who has talented employees are incredibly fortunate for having the opportunity to leverage their team’s gift for the advancement of the business.  Exceptional recruitment is the bedrock of strong companies.  It’s the actions you take to discover, retain, and cultivate this pool of talent that propels your business ahead. But what comes after you hire talented individuals? Do you stay stagnant or would you want to have these people excel and push the success of your organisation? 

Excellency does not end by securing a pool of talent. This is where Talent Mobility comes in and plays its role in making your company grow from strong foundations. These foundations are built on success and on your teams. What is Talent Mobility and how can it improve the various workflows in your business? 

Talent Mobility in its simplest definition is the transfer or relocation of in-house talent to roles in your business where they would be most successful. It is necessary to accurately identify who you place in which role because that is when you can effectively utilise your workforce’s talent at an optimal level. The logic is pretty simple, right? 

Companies frequently adopt tools and procedures yet fail to properly incorporate their people in their hurry to create and seize opportunities. As a consequence, employees lose out on significant choices that affect their area of work, possibilities for promotion, or even their future with the business. The market is unpredictable, this has been strongly proven by recent pandemics, economies rise or fall, displacing workers. Talent mobility is appropriate in such circumstances. You can examine how employees perform in a range of positions and utilise data from learning and performance activities to discover leadership possibilities if you have a mobility program in place.