People have a tendency to regard ideas as rare treasures to be acquired and cherished. However, the reality of creativity, whether it’s business innovation, academic study, or artistic endeavor, tells us that if a beneficial idea comes to mind, it’s most likely in the thoughts of others as well. It is rarely just one person.  Also, whether you’re the first one to advertise with a new product or an unusual concept, you’ll almost certainly be dazzled by copycats as soon as you start to notice success. 

How should you react when someone steals your startup idea? Do you just go mad when you find out? Or shall you stop doing your business because you are afraid that yours won’t be a success? All trade environments are competitive. Competition motivates us to think quicker, act more wisely, and test our ideas on the go. It enhances our intelligence, tenacity, and success. Obviously, there are opponents in every firm and sector. Those that plagiarize your concepts, style, design, strategic plan, and/or content in an attempt to further their own ambitions. If you ever experience this, what you have to do is… Stop, Drop, and Don’t React. 

Don’t react instantly upon hearing the bad news. The first thing you should do if you believe someone has hijacked your invention is…nothing. When it comes to attribution, emotions can increase dramatically, so don’t allow your rage get the best of you. The greatest thing you can do is relax a bit and let your emotions and mind calm down before responding. And what could you do to solve the problem? Well, there is a saying that the best revenge is a career and life well-lived. Allowing copycats to detract from the reality that you have what it takes to be a successful startup is a mistake. Although when you both started from the same spot, the odds of you arriving at the same destination or moving in the same direction are slim.