The 1980s-popularized concept of “work-life balance” seems to be the root of a deep pool of human frustration. For everyone, identifying the perfect work-life balance is a struggle. Work schedules, families, and relationships are just a few of the factors that contribute to the problem. Hence, when there is no balance, matters do not even feel quite right at home or at the office when the proportion is off. One is more important than the other, one is taking over whilst the other suffers.

There are some instances that no matter how hard an individual tries to pursue the balance, 

there are just some employers that would try and break the equilibrium. Here are some signs that your work-life balance is violated not by you, but by other people in your industry. 

1. Unrealistic workloads or deadlines is one of the signs that your work-life balance is violated. It is important to be aware of the amount of workload you accept and can do in a day but sometimes, employers seem to think that their payment for your service is not efficient hence, they are giving you excessive workloads that can be too much to handle for one person. 

2. Gossiping is another sign. Why? If large parts of the workday are spent whispering or chatting on messaging platforms, then you must be cautious since people in your workplace have no sense of privacy. If you let yourself be surrounded by those kinds of people then what are the chances that they won’t start gossiping about your life in the future, right?

3. Employees who are constantly laid off or fired, on the other hand, may be a sign too. Employee turnover indicates disorganisation, a lack of direction, poor leadership, or a lack of economic opportunity. People today are constantly seeking a work-life balance, and if you ever notice the organisation you are applying for is often changing its workforce then there must be a reason why employees do not stay.