Freelancing can be a good career move especially with all the benefits it gives to hard working people. We can say that being a freelancer is the best option to have in this time where work-life balance is highly appreciated. However, we can also say that even after all the advantages of being a gig worker, we can not deny the fact that it is harder to make progress in terms of promotion as a freelancer. As you are the boss of your ownself, it may be hard to determine if your performance is promotion worthy.  

What does promotion mean when you are self-employed?  Maybe that would help you negotiate higher fees from your clients? Maybe it means taking on more challenging contracts? It could also mean hiring your own PA, or VA whilst working as a VA for others! 

If you are going to be a successful freelancer, you should first have a set of goals. And we’re not talking about any types of goals – we need realistic and attainable ones. So, what exactly are those?  

In setting realistic jobs for freelancers, you need to think deeply of what you really want to achieve in that chosen work field. Just like working as a regular employee, you might hope to see yourself as one of the managers in the company. Likewise, if you are a freelancer, clearly identify your end goal. 

Moreover, your goals should not be limited to one aspect.  Widen your lens and list down the separate goals for things when it comes to financial, skills, or personal improvement. Surely, being a freelancer is hard as you are working alone. With no workmates around, how could you ensure that you will be motivated all throughout your career? 

For that, it is also advisable that you find someone that impresses you. It can be a successful business owner, or even a celebrity.  Someone who inspires you and gives you a lifestyle to reach for. The goal in this is to have yourself continuously competitive in your work where you can find their benchmark of success, and aim to do better. 

Having a goal keeps you focused and organised.

Working by yourself can be lonely – so always having someone to push you can help. Even if that person is in your head.