Trend is subject to change.  This is true in any industry. If we focus our attention on marketing specifically, keeping on top of the new trends can be like trying to balance running water. It is a never ending journey. Needs, demands, trends, events, everything is constantly changing. With so many changes recently to the global societies, how do companies keep up with their marketing efforts?

The pandemic has left all of us in a haze. Regularly asking ourselves about the future, what will happen next and how can we predict the next steps? Well, nothing is certain about the future but we cannot be uncertain especially if you are a marketing professional. Focusing on how to deal and communicate with your target audience is still key to getting your brand noticed, building up your business and developing your products. 

Marketing involves creating a detailed plan how a brand can effectively gain customers. As we are facing a health threat – Covid-19, what are the changes we should expect in the marketing industry?

  • Consumer’s changing behaviours – the pandemic made people realise the difference between what they need, and what they want. This changed what people buy, and how people invest. Everyone has to adapt. This includes spending, saving and investing habits

Without doubt, many new habits have been formed over the lockdown period. This forces businesses to study and re-evaluate their consumers in order to produce an effective, cost effective marketing campaign. We know that a lot of businesses were left with no choice but to stop operations. For those who are planning to take the risk of doing business in the new normal, we hope the tips will be helpful to your business.