There is no great secret to becoming a great employer. It’s a perplexing blend of constructive criticism and appreciation, as well as monitoring performance without micromanaging. Furthermore, since every employee is distinct in terms of volume, characters, responsibilities, and skillset, there is likely no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming the best leader.

Every management expert has flaws. The finest leaders readily recognise their shortcomings, and the majority of them see mistakes as learning opportunities. Indeed, a great leader is one who embraces the chance to learn and develop from setbacks.

If you’re reading this, it indicates you’re already on your way to being a great boss; all you need now is guidance on how to get there.Here are some management tactics you should stop and avoid doing as you work toward figuring out your sweet spot.

1. Failure to Accurately Describe Expectations- expectations can turn to disappointment when it is not attained. Your employees must understand what is expected of them. Concrete goals and expectations offer the necessary guidance for accomplishing corporate objectives.

2. Failure to draw the line- It’s not a good idea to blend professional and personal ties. It might be difficult to distinguish between private and personal space. It’s more complicated to assert authority over someone who knows intimate facts about your personal life, and it’s more difficult in a sensitive circumstance especially when delivering unfavorable feedback.

3. Failure to provide ample time for employees – Not making time for your staff is a typical mistake, but it’s simple to correct. Simply make yourself available to employees when they need you. Lend them your undivided attention and engage in active listening skills.

While there may not be a real secret for accomplishing everything correctly, there are certainly specific ways to go awry. Avoid these irrational practices as you figure out how to effectively lead your team, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a well-liked and respected leader.