You’re thinking about getting a part-time job or quitting freelancing completely because the sudden boredom of the freelance life is getting to you. You thought this was the life for you, but the loneliness is worse than you expected. You can’t bear being alone any longer. Being a freelancer has many advantages. You have more versatility and independence, especially in terms of when and where you work, as well as who you work with. All of that independence and versatility, though, isn’t without its drawbacks. When you work in an office, you develop a certain amount of camaraderie. Unfortunately, when you run your own show, those opportunities are harder to obtain. 

There is, nevertheless, a solution: enter a freelance group. What’s even better? You can find your people right from your laptop, no matter where you live or work. However, there are still ways you can improve your social life.

Here’s how you can work full-time as a freelancer while enjoying a social life:

  1. Find your center – To help keep your work and personal lives apart, start by setting daily working hours and sticking to them. Having a daily job schedule allows you to better control your time. It also gives you the opportunity to engage in some much-needed social interaction.
  1. Find your Online Community – It’s critical to create an online freelancer community. But where do you look for that network? Being a freelancer is fantastic, but it can also be detaching. Having a group of other freelancers will help you to stop feeling disconnected.  Connect with like-minded people to exchange ideas and experiences, and expand your global professional network.
  1. Find your interest – It’s important to schedule time to do things you enjoy outside of the house if you work from home. Even the most reclusive authors tend to get out of the house now and then. Choose an activity that you enjoy, such as a Saturday walk or an evening yoga or pottery class. This raises your chances of having a good time and decreases your chances of cancelling at the last minute.