Absence management is the process of using rules and processes to reduce employee absence (typically due to illness or injury). To have a significant impact, these policies and procedures must be conveyed to both employees and managers,with management/HR taking a proactive role in implementing them

Each company will set its own absence policies, and an absence policy should educate employees of these policies and what is expected of them. Hence, all organisations need to have a way of monitoring the absence management of their employees.    This is usually achieved by using a HR Software package and by using such a system it may make it simpler to track absences, identify why people are absent, and analyse data for underlying trends, such as which departments have the most absences and at the same time. Absence management data may be used to define the policies and procedures that organisations put in place to minimise absenteeism.

Here are some leave management software packages that may help your organisation to better monitor its employees. 

1. Kissflow HR Cloud– Kissflow HR Cloud is a cloud-based leave management system that helps businesses save time and money by automating the time-off process. Rather than forcing your policy to comply with software restrictions, Kissflow HR Cloud allows you to create a customised online leave management solution.

2. GoCo- Employees may seek vacation time, maternity/paternity breaks, sick time, and a variety of other absences with GoCo, which allows HR to establish flexible PTO programs. Employees can use a smartphone app to do this, as well as a desktop-based dashboard for human resource staff to manage employee absences.

3. GreytHR- GreytHR is a web-based leave management system created primarily for small businesses. From leave accounting and grants through the period ending procedure, it automates every aspect of leave administration. It automates leave lapsing, carry-overs, and encashments for all employees in accordance with the leave policy, making year-end leave processing easier.