For a long time, Millennials have been the hot topic of HR and talent professionals. But as time passes by and that generation slowly inches closer to middle age, the new generation called Generation Z (Gen Z) is replacing them. In the year 2020, Gen Z will make up 24% of the global workforce. Although Millennials are known for their upbeat personality in work, they are getting older and more experienced, and getting replaced by the younger generations. 

Hiring Millennials was different to hiring generations before, and hiring Gen Z will be different again. Gen Z already prove themselves to be very different and so it is important that employers know how to attract these younger talented individuals. If there is a phrase to describe this generation it would be “Tech Savvy.” Gen Z are inclined towards innovation and making life easier through the use of technology. Of course, as our way of living becomes more dependent on technology, it is vital to have workers who have deep working tech knowledge. According to a study by Dell, 91% of applicants said that technology offered by an employer would be a factor in choosing employment.

So… how do you recruit the Generation Z? 

Optimal Communication

Each generation has different preferences in communication such as for Baby Boomers, sending a letter or phone call is often the first touch point in the recruitment process. For Gen Z, employers could use multimedia channels where they (applicants) can visualize themselves as part of the company. 

Social Media Informed

Gen Z typically does a thorough research on a company before sending out their application. Often, they do this research on the social media accounts of the company. This generation wants to figure first the values, culture, benefits, and employees perspective of a business because this younger generation is hungry for information and are risk averse individuals. 

Learning and Development Available

One way to attract Gen Z is to give them the opportunities to grow in the future. That 80% of the emerging generation said that an emphasis on personal growth is the most important quality of a company’s culture thus, it is one key factor why Gen Z take the job and stay in the job.