We all want to peacefully do our tasks and earn our salary but sometimes, well most of the time there are just some people who will test our patience and break that peaceful work environment we try to build. And of course, it is better to have a good working relationship with everyone in the company (although this may be hard to attain) because this will also affect your job performance no matter how hard we try. Since having an almost perfect work life is impossible, there are many instances when a coworker encroaches on a job like they don’t have their own.

Tired of handling these people? Here are some ways to react when a coworker encroaches your job that will surely give you peace of mind.

  1. Anticipate and prepare – well, since you can never escape them then it is better to prepare to counter their attack. You can use this to your advantage by anticipating the next conflict and being prepared with a response.
  1. Don’t take it personally – the best way to react to someone difficult is by not taking their complaints against your job personally. It will only waste your energy and it is better to focus on your job than paying attention to negativity. Focus more on being a good person and a valuable employee because your efforts will be noticed by your boss. 
  1. You don’t need to like everyone – you do not have to force yourself to please each person or to be pleased by them. Well, not liking someone does not necessarily mean that you should be mean to them. You can still work professionally and cooperate with them to do the job. After all, it’s part of being an adult.