Promoting your brand can consume a lot of effort and resource.  You need to tailor your approach, moderate your content, align your initiatives and coordinate everything. Marketing strategy, social media, PPC, and SEO are all important strategies that will help you boost your revenue. Well, have you regarded incorporating micro-influencer marketing into your strategy?

A-list stars, sports people and actors immediately spring to mind when we speak of influencers. Take, for instance, Kylie Jenner, who turned Fashion Nova into a renowned online retailer. Yes, celebrities may be the best option that many businesses think of first when it comes to marketing but they are obviously expensive! 

But did you know that people are more receptive to micro-influencers than to big celebrity personalities, according to research.

Say that you opt for a micro-influencer for the first time, now your problem is you never worked with one before! Now, how to make this micro-influencer work for you? How can you effectively relay your objectives to them? 

Remember first that if you’re thinking of using influencer marketing, there’s a good possibility that your rivals are as well. So it is best to investigate the profiles of the micro-influencers you’d want to partner with to see if they’ve actually collaborated with either of your direct or indirect rivals.

Reaching out and offering to deliver free goods in exchange for positive feedback from their audience is one of the most common ways to leverage a community of influencers (and keeping in mind that by law, they have to disclose that they got the product for free.) People trust them, so the items the influencer promotes are likely to be supported as well. However, before you decide to sponsor a micro-influencer, check their prior endorsed material. Was it rational? Was there a favorable response from the audience? This can be a really powerful technique if it sounds like a natural fit.

Lastly, those who have been fans of your brand are the finest influencers. It’s more trustworthy because they advertise the brand’s items and/or services since their fans know the endorser already appreciates it.

Authenticity, honesty and transparency can go a long way in influencer marketing.