Many people wish to start a blog but are unsure what they can write about. It would be suffocating to choose only one topic when you have so many interests and so many potential topics to write about. It can be difficult to come up with content ideas on a regular basis, whether you’re a new or an experienced blogger and we acknowledge how hard it is to find time to write high-quality content for a website. Also, it’s critical to consider possible income possibilities if considering a blog post. Blogging isn’t cheap, and the costs will go up as your readership grows. Hosting is initially very costly, and you’ll eventually have to upgrade towards a more expensive and stable hosting service. That’s why you need to consider being consistent with your blog content you give to your audience. For that, in this article we will help you determine the right content for your website or for freelance work you signed yourself up for. 

How to find blog content? 

1. Keyword Search – Someone that has a good SEO plan has learned their lesson on keyword research. As a result, you’ll need a spreadsheet with hundreds of words or phrases that you want to rank with. But a keyword is still not a post by itself, it’s a good beginning.

2. Free Blog Content Generator – Pioneers in marketing strategy HubSpot do have its own blog subject creator too. Rather than typing a keyword, you will type three separate noun phrases into the form field.  From there, HubSpot’s content generator can produce some topic/title concepts.

3. Posts from other people or bloggers– If you read some of the articles of bloggers that inspires you. Reading other blogs or simply scrolling across post lists is a fantastic way to come up for blog post content.