Every day, over a million blog posts are published, and from these only the top-ranked pieces penetrate the targeted audience through search engines. How should you stand out and meet your target demographic in such a competitive environment with so much material on the internet? If your objective is to attract and inform readers, support your business, market your goods and services,  you want to get as many eyes on your blog as possible. Hence, you will need to boost traffic to your website.

But how would you do it? Many people across the internet are into reading blogs. So if you would utilise that aspect, how can you boost your SEO rankings through blogs? 

There are several ways to get people to visit your website, but one of the most successful is by search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is a suite of techniques and tactics designed to improve the exposure of the websites in search engine results. 

The following areas are important in on-page SEO:

1. Blogs with word counts ranging from 1,500-2,500 and known as “Google go-getters” since highest-ranking posts are usually ranging to 2,450 word counts, so that probably may have an effect on securing Google’s sweet spot.

2. Be crucial on your permalink structure because permalinks are permanent URLs that link to specific blogs, pages, as well as other material on your website. They’re what visitors use to refer to or link back to your web, so how they look is essential.

3. Pick a theme that is optimised for Search Engines. Smart phones are being used by more people than ever before to browse the internet. So you have to be critical in optimising the theme of your website if you want to boost SEO as this ensures that the website must look and work well on any computer that a visitor can use or mobile phones.