Writing a blog requires an average of 4 hours for effective bloggers and 77 percent of the population read blogs daily. Each day, approximately 7 million blog posts are published.  If you want to be part of the successful pool of bloggers and have your article featured and viewed by 77 percent of the population, what should you do? 

Today, more people create blogs for a variety of reasons. Every individual has a unique story to tell and even businesses too have a distinct story to communicate their brand.  Through Blog, such individuals and organisations can interact with a large number of people, regardless of their gender or age through the internet. Even if blogging sounds like an easy task to do, one cannot be complacent to assume that it will be effective in reaching your target audiences. 

It’s not only about using a strong algorithm to produce a sensational article; but also about the context, the personal touch, and, last but not least, the messaging that goes into it. So if that’s what matters in a blog post, you ask yourself, are pictures necessary to boost your content? 

What you must realise is that your viewer is lazy. They want information as soon as possible. They want to be able to grasp something immediately and conveniently in order to identify if it would be beneficial to them. Even though photos are crucial, doesn’t mean the words aren’t as well. Images are indeed a useful tool for turning the content from dull into entertaining.

Some blogs, such as those about education, can only require 1-5 images; You may need to share anywhere from 20 to 100 images if you’re blogging a wedding! . So, how do you figure out just how many images to place on your blog? This all depends on your customer or the content you are telling. You can’t simply publish any picture you like. It has to be relevant, showing the next thing on the reader’s mind, and be in near proximity to the content you are writing about.