A lot of people are into reading blogs nowadays, especially because the articles are easily accessible through the internet. As we know that the internet can host millions of pieces of content. Many bloggers, especially the new ones or SMEs trying to market their business through blogs, find it difficult to rank in the top landing search pages. 

We already understand the significance of search engine traffic and how much it is one of the most effective techniques to optimise your blog’s traffic from search engines and rankings. Finding solid backlink tactics that work may seem like a losing strategy with far too much conflicting SEO content on the internet. Enhancing your ranking in the search results is much more complicated than simply adding backlinks; that is a much more involved process in which every detail counts.

Well, how many backlinks should a blog have first? This is the frequent question new bloggers often search. Since backlinks are so crucial in SEO, this article will attempt to address the problem as to how many backlinks a website requires to appear on Google’s first pages. Even if you are able to obtain backlinks from reputable sites, there still is work to be done to guarantee that the blog’s relevance is not damaged by poor content. A well-optimized website is essentially a niche-working platform with the least amount of unnecessary material possible.

The number of competitors for certain keywords on the market is one of the backlinks ranking factors. There is no need for too many backlinks if there is little rivalry; but, if there is a lot of rivalry, the more backlinks one has, the higher their blog appears in the search engine results. To see how competitive your keywords are, put them into Google and look at the top 10 results.  In terms of numbers, forty to sixty backlinks are sufficient to begin a SEO strategic plan for a small business. This does not, though, imply that adding this many backlinks is necessary.