When the 2019 Coronavirus pressed pause on the world economy, many office employees were forced to work from home as much as possible. Surely, we can think of many reasons why working from home is good or bad but for today, let us try to focus on what working from home is like for couples who are now sharing the same workspace for the first time. Under normal circumstances, you do not see your partner in her/his career mode (except when they are doing an overtime job at home or if you are both working in the same company) and of course it is also great to spend more quality time with their partners.

But things are not the same as they were before. Being in a lockdown and with the tensions high amid the Covid-19 pandemic, people are stressed and anxious that can make tempers fly when spending 24/7 with a loved one. Hence, a lot of adjustments, patience and understanding should be made. Now if you and your partner both work from home and you want to be productive, yet want to keep your relationship healthy then here are some tips on home adjustments for work-from-home couples.

  • Be considerate – practice being passive aggressive instead of being blatantly honest when there are things that annoy you. It can be from the scattered papers your partner has or the laptop charger that keeps on tripping you. Whatever it is, try to talk it out peacefully. Likewise, be considerate of minimizing the loud sound of your television or if you are in a zoom meeting, put on headphones. 
  • Set boundaries – craving some solitude during the day or asking for alone time is important too. Even if you want to spend time with your partner all the time, make sure that you have your own space in your home. If you don’t have enough space at home, then talk to your partner about the arrangements you can both agree and take turns in the office space. 
  • Always Communicate – your partner is not just a housemate or a mere workmate at home. Even if you are both doing your jobs differently, it is important to keep communication open and accessible at all times. 
  • Make time for each other – work and home can mix, but only if you can also accommodate it.  Work in one room, partner and relationship in the other.  There has to be a degree of separation so you can switch off from “Work-Mode” and switch into “Loving Partner Mode”.