Real estate is one area where it is quite simple to be involved in a good side hustle to make some decent passive income.  Certain real estate investments involve little or no commitment other than time and money and can give big rewards. Buying a property can lead to rental income coming in for years to come. Finding properties for other people (freelance brokering) can generate some good commissions. Knowing the right people to buy a cheap place, do it up, and flip it fast can earn a good reward. 

The thriving real estate market and the unrestricted flexibility of work time has provided multiple people with some great opportunities. The real estate profession has promptly become a highly sought-after freelancing employment choice. A real estate agent is someone whose job is to coordinate the acquisition or rental of houses, land, offices, or structures on behalf of their owners. And while this is a theoretically correct explanation of a real estate agent, it does not accurately reflect what a real estate agent does on a daily basis. 

Real estate agents commonly interact with a large number of customers at various phases of selling, leasing, or purchasing a property. When dealing with existing clients, you must keep them engaged at regular intervals by attending meetings, supporting initiatives, and so on. To avoid overbooking, all of this necessitates excellent organising abilities. As a freelance real estate agent, your obligations are comparable, if not identical, to those of a salaried real estate agent working for a particular organisation, except that you, as a freelance real estate agent, operating on a contractual basis with clients and may collaborate with freelance real estate brokers.  Communication, organisation, and networking are key in this industry. It is a fast-paced industry, where many brokers and agents have virtual assistants in order to keep their schedules organized and focused.  If time is money, then the faster you can get to a property, rent it, flip it, or sell it, the faster you can make a lot of money. And it is a highly competitive industry, so speed is really of the essence. 

Estate agents are not obliged to be licensed under UK law. Although a diploma is not legally necessary to become a real estate agent, having to complete a degree will provide you with a solid basis for the job. Sites like Indeed and Craigslist frequently offer job vacancies for real estate agents. You may also ask relatives, family members, coworkers, and friends if they are aware of any entities that are looking for freelance real estate agents to get you started as a freelancer in the real estate industry. 

If you have good organisational and research skills, and obviously a passion for property, this could be good for you.