Collaboration is essential for every successful organisation.  Teamwork makes the dream work and success comes when everyone works as a team. A group would simply be unable to work as efficiently as it could if it didn’t have strong team work, and excellent communication. Sports are naturally helpful, and teamwork is an important attribute for achieving victory. 

Teamwork is defined as two or more individuals working together to share a load. When you collaborate, you join forces with others to accomplish tasks that are impossible to do on your own. You are prepared to abide by the rules since you believe that by working collectively, you can accomplish things.

Football,is among the most popular sports in the world,and has been played by generations within many families. T has built communities, brought people together, and been the focal point of many an argument and a celebration. Football enthusiasts will express vehemently how much they like watching a game and keeping up with their teams development.  Aside from observing how enthusiastic they are and how much emotion is expressed when talking about their passion, football also teaches us about teamwork, communication, roles that people play and how to grow. It has skills that we can incorporate in our daily lives and use for professional, personal and organisational growth. 

On and off the field, every team sport, including football, highlights the importance of teamwork. When players work collaboratively, they are more likely to retain a good attitude toward one another. They are more likely to succeed. 

The contributions of a strong team can multiply success. If teammates focus on themselves rather than the team, they are more likely to lose games versus opponents with less ability. Each Football team consists of players with distinct skill sets, backgrounds, and expertise who have their own functions and roles but must also work in teams to reach a shared objective.  Does this sound like when you are working on a project in your office? Where each team member has a specific role to perform and duties to fulfill, all of which contribute to the project being completed on time, on budget, and according to the specifications.

If teamwork makes the dream work, then team sports can help to build a business.  Watching, learning, enjoying a team sport, can help develop skills transferable into the office environment.