If you work as a freelancer (also known as an independent contractor, subcontractor, contract worker, or gig worker), you are effectively running your own small business, and the law treats you as such. As a result, the employment laws do not apply to you in general. At the same time, others might be wondering if they can do freelance work while getting workers’ compensation benefits. It might be difficult to make ends meet when an individual is unemployed or earning less money, but of course, doing freelance work can surely help you financially. But have you ever wondered what the situation is like for gig workers when they have to take a leave of absence because of a work-related injury? Well, just like any other employee, freelance workers are people too. But of course, we may already know that some of the world’s harder and risky jobs are more likely given to a contractual employees rather than to regular ones. You need to carry your own insurance and look after your own health. 

Common workplace injury for freelancers

  1. Musculoskeletal Injury Back and neck problems from extended hours behind the wheel are also common among for-hire drivers or freelance drivers. Businesses that use couriers and messengers to pick up and deliver messages, documents, parcels, and other products have also embraced the gig economy trend of hiring temporary workers.
  1. Injuries caused by repeated stress – You might be surprised to learn that far too many freelancers are at risk for RSI (repetitive stress injuries). One type of RSI that freelancers may have is carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to causing a lot of pain, repetitive stress injury can hold back freelancers, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines and getting another project so the financial flow won’t be disrupted. 
  1. Slip, trip, and fall-  This is a typical construction-related ailment. Even in an office setting, though, any large object might be a workplace hazard. This is a hazard found in many work settings. 

Although there are considerable benefits to being self-employed, you do not get the same level of security as laborers. Employees have more latitude to deal with unforeseen life occurrences, but freelancers must anticipate risks and prepare for certain types of situations beforehand. Injuries are one of the most stressful situations for freelancers to deal with.