Everyone makes mistakes; it’s a part of being human! Making errors at work, on the other hand, may be particularly unpleasant. You might say the wrong thing to a customer, a business partner, or worse – your boss! Although your career may not be at risk, your reputation certainly is if you don’t apologise appropriately. 

Regardless of where you work and what you’re doing, you would have to apologise to someone at some point. It is an unavoidable fact of life. In a workplace filled with people, you’ll always come across a number of scenarios when people’s feelings are wounded. If that ever happens, how would you see yourself addressing it? 

In this brief article, we can help you level up your communication skills specifically, on how you can apologise sincerely for a mistake you have made.

If you commit a mistake, how should you apologise? 

How to apologise to your boss?

It is critical to apologise to a supervisor in a gracious and sincere manner. There’s no need to grovel at his feet because it appears degrading, but your passionate comments must be significant and honest. Of course, it can get a little awkward when there is a quiet space in between your apologies, do not try to fill that gap with words. You have to let your boss process what you said and as you wait, prepare yourself for the consequences of the errors you have committed. 

How to apologise to your colleague? 

The culture of a firm can sometimes make it much more difficult for employees to appeal to their coworkers. Nevertheless, when you know you hurt someone’s feelings, you need to take action and commit to that mistake. Own up to your mistake, and say what you’re going to do to help mend your colleague’s reputation or feelings. Or if you were once rude, to be genuine to afflicted team members, your apologies for being unpleasant must be followed up by consistently better conduct.

Actions speak louder than words, so what can you do to apologise?  It is one thing to say sorry, it is another to reach out and help people with their jobs, buy them a gift, take them to lunch. Do Something to help them in their life and their work.