As some people are thrilled about not having to commute or pay for extra coffees in exchange for a 9-to-5 job, others are less impressed. Since for some individuals, their house is not a place where they can feel at home and be productive– and it is understandable because everyone has their different situations in life. Moreover, there is a need to understand that being a remote worker and working from home are two different things. Wherein, working from home means what you can do at the office, you can bring it back to your house. Hence, challenges are faced by these individuals who are not used to the concept of performing tasks outside the walls of the office. 

Thus, we came up with a cheat sheet for home working that we hope would help you become the better version of yourself on your career path. 

Cheat sheet to home working

Cheat 1. Wear what you would likely have during regular office days

Getting dressed up shows positive results! Start dressing as what you want on that particular day! Styling somehow doesn’t actually equate to business or formal wear, but merely bathing and shifting from your nightwear represents a substantial psychological difference in one’s attitude toward work.

Cheat 2. Pomodoro Kanban Technique

Working from home may also mean getting away from the eyes of the manager or your colleague who acts like a CCTV camera, whether you are working or just scrolling on your Social Media feed. Nevertheless, doing the Pomodoro technique will help you stay focused and have a more organised schedule of working, hopefully. 

Step1. Choose a task to complete.

Step 2. Time yourself for 25 minutes. (A Pomodoro is defined as every 25 minutes.) 

Step3. Finish the task before the timer goes off. You must be completely focused on your current work task. There will be no interruptions. 

Step 4. Allow yourself 5 minutes of downtime. This clears your mind and keeps you from becoming fatigued. 

Take a longer rest of 15 to 30 minutes every after 4 Pomodoros (customise to your level of comfort, but not that much).

Cheat 3. Get in the mood for working

Gentle melodies in the background infuriated keyboard clicking, the scent of espresso, and possibly even the air purifier with Eucalyptus oil will help you be in the mood for working from home.