In a constantly changing society, having a set of skills is an essential part of surviving. These skills will be your tool to fight the challenges in life. As globalisation continues to change the world we live in, dramatic changes have been seen in our economy that equally match the advancements in science and technology. These changes affect our homes, education systems, and even the workplace. Having said that, there is also tight competition growing in the business world when it comes to looking for employees.  This is normal, to be expected, even before the pandemic but the situation of being hired is getting tougher these days, not to mention the ability to train people fit for the job using remote training techniques. 

With the challenges related to securing a job, there are many intimidating factors in the application process. Being around other people and wondering what skills and experiences they have. Making sure that you look right, say the right thing and act in the right way. Everyone applies for a job for the same reasons – earn money, experience, career goals.  These things motivate you to perform in the interview. They make you want to stand out, be remembered and be the one person, from the group that gets chosen. Now that we’re speaking of standing out, have you ever asked yourself ‘what are the best skills to showcase in a job interview?’ 

Employers across every industry are finding candidates with a set of skills that would benefit them but what are the most important skills you should have? 

1. Communication – we know how valuable communication is thus, it is the backbone of our everyday lives. Communication skills can be oral or written, verbal or non-verbal, subtle or in your face. Good communication skills are essential for an interview, and to perform in the work place. Confidence, presentation skills, and being an active listener are examples of being a good communicator.

2. Teamwork – working in an organisation requires you to work with other professionals hence, it is a must that you are a team player and are always present to collaborate ideas that are essential to produce the output needed in a job you are applying for. In fact, teamwork is crucial for most careers. It is rare that elements of teamwork are not included in the job that you are applying for.  What can you demonstrate to show that you are a team player? 

3. Adaptability – with the unexpected changes in our society due to the pandemic, a lot of establishments were quick to adapt the way they provide their services which should also be the case for its employees. Being able to adapt to different situations is important especially in fast-paced evolving work environments.