You agreed to a life of flexibility when you signed up for it. You agreed to enter the ultimate work-from-home. You signed up for self-employment, better incomes, and the ability to work from home instead of in a cubicle. You decided to work as a freelancer. You didn’t opt to go down in flames. You have the same ability to ruin your freelance career as you do to build it. This is a “reminder” article that outlines ridiculous errors to avoid before you kill your freelance career

First, Trying to be a master of all trades is a common error by freelancers. Instead of leveraging the expertise they possess that can be paid for, they claim to be able to do everything within their profiles. Including data entry to writing to web designing and much more. 

Second, Jack doesn’t rest on his laurels just because he’s an expert. If Jack intends to get the golden egg, he must continue climbing the beanstalk. It’s important to keep in mind that there’s always place for growth. 

Last, another common error that can kill your freelance career is allowing clients to take advantage of you or trying to lure you into working for free because it’s “for a good cause” or “could lead to paid positions” is a recipe for disaster. Once you’re building a resume, it can be tempting to take on free jobs, but note that your time is valuable as a freelancer. When it comes to money, you’re now a business. Stop selling your services as if you were still an employee of someone else. It’s not as simple as giving yourself a nice salary based on the previous pay when determining how much to charge.

To fully benefit from these advantages, you must first achieve a certain degree of freelancing success.